Patient-centred research

Patient-centred research

Research is the critical first step for any project undertaken by GHLF

The GHLF team engages in patient-centred research to better understand conditions from the patient’s perspective. The team conducts studies on topics that patients are interested in, such as treatment decision-making, barriers to care, symptom management and alternative treatments.

Our researchers frequently collaborate on patient-centred outcomes research projects with leading clinical researchers at schools of medicine. The team has conducted research with Yale University, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the University of Utah, the University of Pennsylvania and more.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, GHLF has collaborated on a range of patient-centred research, with a significant focus on how patients with autoimmune conditions are living, their concerns, perspectives and behaviours. Insights have helped further inform GHLF patient and industry outreach in an effort to address unmet needs.

GHLF presents research findings at medical conferences and publishes in peer-reviewed journals, so that healthcare professionals around the world can benefit from our members’ insights.

We also make it a priority to share research findings back with our community so that patients can benefit from what we’ve learned.

About ArthritisPower®

Created by CreakyJoints®, ArthritisPower® is the first-ever patient-centred research registry for joint, bone and inflammatory skin conditions, as well as arthritis and rheumatological manifestations of gastrointestinal-tract (GI) conditions.

With tens of thousands of consented arthritis patients, the free ArthritisPower® mobile and desktop application allows patients to track their disease and participate in voluntary research studies in a secure and accessible manner.

Results from ArthritisPower® studies are frequently published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at medical meetings in the United States and around the world. ArthritisPower® Patient Governors serve as gatekeepers for researchers who seek to access registry data or solicit the community to participate in unique, voluntary studies. To learn more, visit

Australians can currently use the ArthritisPower® to track their personal symptoms but they cannot participate in ArthritisPower® research studies at this stage.

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