Your stories

At GHLF Australia, we believe that sharing the voice of patients is the most important thing we do. We understand how you feel and can relate to the challenges you face.

We’ve devoted this page to your personal stories so you can read about other people’s experiences and learn from them. We hope they will help you feel less isolated and that they will validate your own feelings and concerns.

Sarah and Karen Ridsdale

Growing up with psoriasis: Mother and daughter share their stories

Karen Ridsdale grew up with psoriasis, then watched her daughter deal with the pain and stigma of it too... Read more >
Jess Ragusa: Trikafta urgently needed on PBS for cystic fibrosis patients

Jess Ragusa: Trikafta urgently needed on PBS for cystic fibrosis patients

Jess's life has been turned around since she started the new cystic fibrosis drug, Trikafta, but it's not on the PBS yet... Read more >
Tanya Hall

Tanya Hall: COVID-19 would make my heart condition worse

If I did get COVID-19, it would put pressure on my heart. The benefits of having the vaccine far outweighed the risks... Read more >
David Dixon

David Dixon: I live in a remote area and got vaccinated for COVID-19

I had surgery to remove my prostate cancer. Leaving it in was too risky. That’s how I view the COVID-19 vaccination... Read more >

Renza Scibilia: I got the COVID-19 jab because I have type 1 diabetes

I live with type 1 diabetes and haven’t stopped thinking about what might have happened to me if I got COVID-19 without... Read more >
Brigett Sigl

Brigitte Sigl: My life with MS and choosing to be vaccinated

“I think it is a wise decision for me to be vaccinated. I’m 47. I have MS and asthma. I don’t know what COVID would... Read more>
Lily O'Connell

Lily O’Connell: A meningococcal vaccination would have protected me

I had no hesitation about having a COVID-19 vaccination … I might not have caught meningococcal disease if I... Read more >
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