Psoriasis Patient Stories

At GHLF Australia, we believe that sharing the voice of patients is the most important thing we do. This page is devoted to the stories of people in our community who have kindly shared their psoriasis journey so you can learn from their experiences. We hope they will help you feel less isolated and that they will validate your own feelings and concerns.

Jo Mohan

Living well with psoriasis: a story of empowerment and self-care
Jo Mohan has lived with psoriasis since she was six months old. In this video, Jo reflects on her treatment journey and shares how the condition impacted many aspects of her life. These days, her skin is clear and she lives a full and happy life, thanks to her current treatment, a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Eliza Spencer

Finding the right psoriasis treatment calmed my symptoms and changed my life
Eliza Spencer was two years old when she was diagnosed with psoriasis and eczema. As a teen, her symptoms were severe, embarrassing and undertreated but she wasn’t referred to a dermatologist until she was 25. In this video, Eliza shares how advanced treatments suppressed her conditions and helped her live life with confidence and hope for her future.

Sarah and Karen Ridsdale

Growing up with psoriasis: Mother and daughter share their stories

Karen Ridsdale grew up with psoriasis, then watched her daughter deal with the pain and stigma of it too... Read more >
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Call for patient stories

Sharing your personal story is a wonderful way to show others what life is like for you, the barriers you have faced along the way and how you manage your condition now. In doing so, you help them to see that they are not alone and empower them to find ways to live well with their condition, too. You may even challenge their perception of what someone with your condition is capable of.

We invite you to share your own psoriasis journey with us in written article or video form.

Written articles

You can write your story yourself or give us the information and we’ll write it for you. They can be anecdotal or detailed, serious or funny. For example, you could tell us about:

  • How you were first diagnosed and how you felt about it
  • The tips and tricks you use to manage your psoriasis
  • The interactions you’ve had with others as a person with chronic illness


Patient videos are not only an alternative way to share your story, they also allow people to see the real person behind your story. Seeing your face and hearing your voice enables them to better connect with your story on an emotional level.

If you’d like to share your psoriasis story in video form please contact us to see if this is a feasible option. If so, we can arrange for our professional videographer to come to your home (or another suitable place) and interview you. We’ll share the questions and discuss the arrangements with you beforehand so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

If you would like to share your psoriasis story with us, please contact us at [email protected].

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