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Tanya Hall

Tanya Hall: COVID-19 would make my heart condition worse

If I did get COVID-19, it would put pressure on my heart. The benefits of having the vaccine far outweighed the risks... Read more >
Family On Steps Talking

How to handle tricky conversations about COVID-19 vaccination status

How do you manage relationships with those who don’t share your views on COVID-19 vaccinations? We share top tips.... Read more >
David Dixon

David Dixon: I live in a remote area and got vaccinated for COVID-19

I had surgery to remove my prostate cancer. Leaving it in was too risky. That’s how I view the COVID-19 vaccination... Read more >

Renza Scibilia: I got the COVID-19 jab because I have type 1 diabetes

I live with type 1 diabetes and haven’t stopped thinking about what might have happened to me if I got COVID-19 without... Read more >
Brigett Sigl

Brigitte Sigl: My life with MS and choosing to be vaccinated

“I think it is a wise decision for me to be vaccinated. I’m 47. I have MS and asthma. I don’t know what COVID would... Read more>
Lily O'Connell

Lily O’Connell: A meningococcal vaccination would have protected me

I had no hesitation about having a COVID-19 vaccination … I might not have caught meningococcal disease if I... Read more >
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